Almost Flat in Fennimore

The Sewing and Quilting Expo at the SWTC in Fennimore has ended!!  A really good two days.  Cathy’s Hexagon workshop went off without a hitch on Friday morning, and our concert to wind up the evening banquet was very well received.  Yesterday, three more classes: Freezer paper applique in the morning, and raw-edge machine applique and paper piecing made easy in the afternoon.  There was a very tired puppy at the end of the day!! 

The afternoon classes, however, were interrupted by a tornado!!  The weather has been somewhat raucous, and the midwest thunderstorm wall passed through Fennimore in the afternoon.  A funnel cloud was sighted just north of the town, and all the folks at the Expo had to relocate (temporarily) to the below-ground tunnels linking the various buildings on the campus.  Fortunately, the errant wind wandered off northwards without damage, and the classes resumed!!

Met Lois Jarvis here, and it looks like there’s enough material from her 9/11 quilt to inspire another song!!  Roberta Walker and her staff at SWTC made the hosting of the event look easy, and the attendees appeared to be happy with the results as they departed for home – under the threat of tornado watches!!

However, this morning (Sunday), the overnight and continuing rain has resulted in a flash flood watch for most of southern Wisconsin!  So we’ll be keeping our eye out for water on the road on our way over to Lake Geneva.  Hopefully our diesel Jetta station wagon will be able to ford the wet patches!!  8-))


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