Driving to Sheboygan



 From Lake Geneva today (Monday), we wound our way in a northeasterly direction through the back roads of rural Wisconsin, following the advice of our host Joanne Gasperik.






Along the way, we saw lots of evidence of the previous days of rain, some more humourous than others!   This is a picture of a swimming pool – swimming! 

We splashed through water on the road in Allenton, and north of there, a sideroad was completely blocked off due to about three feet of flowing water covering the road.  Most of the streams we crossed (on dry roads!) were just roaring, with the homes on some frontage properties having their basements pumped out!



View to St Mary on the Hill across flooded cornfield


We stopped for lunch at the National Shrine, Holy Hill,   and visited the interior of this magnificent church.  St Mary on the Hill occupies the top of one of the highest glacial moraines west of Milwaukee, and from the site we could just make out the skyscrapers of the downtown.

Then on to Sheboygan, where Cathy teaches Hexagons tomorrow, and we present our program of songs, stories and quilts to the County Quilt Guild on Wednesday.

Stay tuned!


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One Response to “Driving to Sheboygan”

  1. Karen O. Says:

    You drove right through my old stomping grounds! The Kettle Moraine area is *gorgeous* to drive through. There’s also a really great restaurant right down the road from Holy Hill (or used to be), which you probably didn’t get a chance to visit. Great to hear your trip to Wisconsin was memorable!
    Hope to see you on the West Coast again soon!
    Karen Ostheller

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