Visit to Paul Bunyan’s Land

 We spent a delightful three nights in Keil Wisconsin with our new friends Pat and Vic, and got the chance to explore the area a bit.  The weather was good for us, but the rains had been significant up to a day before we arrived. Sheboygan Falls was roaring when we got there.

We’re hearing about many towns in the Midwest under water, and about storms continuing in Iowa.  We crossed through the storm front on our way west from the Sheboygan area – torrential rain like the tropics, and fierce thunderstorms.  I hope the weather settles down soon, or at least moves to areas in greater need of water, like California. 


Our travels continued to Minnesota, where we sang at the Pinetree Patchworkers Quilt show in Brainerd. This is in the heart of Paul Bunyan country, where he and his trusty sidekick Babe, The Blue Ox, made their mark on the land. Here I am with them, just chumming around!

Of course, he’s just taking a short rest between felling the Great Trees, according to the legends in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.  I’m happy to find out that there is some similarity between the exploits of  Paul Bunyan and Canada’s own “Saginaw Joe” and “Big Joe Mufferaw”. These big men should stick together!



The Pinetree Patchworkers Quilt Show is held biennially in Brainerd High School. The hall was filled with lovely quilts and very friendly helpers. We were scheduled to present an evening show in the auditorium. It was beautifully decorated with vintage quilts and a couple of stunning Trip Around the World quilts.  Both the show and our part of the celebrations were, amazingly, free admission!  The gals at Cherrywood Fabrics invited us to come to sing, and they made sure that anyone who wanted to come, could.  We had very close to a full house!

Here I am with Linda, Dar and Karla after the show.  Check out those luscious fabrics in the quilt behind us – they are mostly made by Cherrywood, and look like suede, but really are cotton.

We have a couple of days off before our next show in Dubuque Iowa. We intend to travel part of the way along the Mississippi River, and follow some roads less travelled. The weather is clear, with a bit of wind but warm temperatures. I hope we’ve seen the last of the rain!


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