Security Blankets

When we left Dubuque Iowa, we headed back to Illinois for our last two US performances on this tour. Kenny IL is a tiny town just south of Bloomington, and our hosts there were the Salt Creek Patchmakers.  I’m sure most of the gals there were wondering who this “singing quilter” was, but they were very generous in their appreciation at the end of the show – they made us feel right at home with a standing ovation!  And chocolate. We always love chocolate!

From Kenny, we drove a half an hour to our next show.  It was the Project Linus annual coordinators’ meeting in Bloomington.

If you haven’t heard about Project Linus, where have you been? For the last 13 years, throughout the US, they have been providing blankets to children.  It was started in Denver by Karen Loucks-Rinedollar, giving blankets to children with cancer.  Since then, the organization has expanded hugely, and they have given away over 2.5 MILLION blankets.  The coverings may be quilted or knitted or crocheted, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is the love stitched into each and every one.

Karen has been on many national television shows, including Oprah, and after that appearance, the people who control images from Charles Shultz’s Peanuts cartoon contacted her and gave her permission to use the real Linus for the project.  There were lots of Linuses at the conference, including the fellow at the right!

The coordinators certainly have a wonderful time at these conferences, and we were warmly received. In fact, they gave us three standing ovations – two of which were in the middle of the show!  If you would like to help out with this most worthwhile project, you can contact them through their website:

Now, we’re on our way home, via one more show in Drumheller Alberta. This was our old stomping grounds when we lived in Calgary, and we’re looking forward to getting back to Alberta. I’ll also be buying a new guitar!!! My poor guitar has been bashed about one too many times by the airlines, and so I’ve decided to buy a new one that I’m told is indestructible — made of carbon fibre (hey it’ll still counts as fibre, right? Just not cotton or wood fibre….)  Watch for the new guitar next time we do a show!

We’ll be home a couple of days after that – to take care of the garden, the mail that has piled up, and prepare for a busy summer of visitors!

Thanks for reading – until next time!
cathy and john


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