Hi from Victoria! We’ve been home for a couple of weeks, and have been very busy with gardening, quilting, catching up on business, and entertaining.  I’ve updated my website at, learning how to write some HTML code at the same time — wow, what a steep learning curve! Let me know how you like the new look, or if there are any glitches I should know about.

My garden is coming along beautifully.  Last winter, we decided to get rid of almost all the grass and plant with drought-resistant shrubs and flowers. We are on tour so much, grass became too much of a challenge to take care of.  So we hired a friend to design a new look for our front and back yards.  She suggested we lay down cardboard and arranged for a huge pile of leaf mulch to be delivered.  Then John and I moved the leaves around so that we got about one foot of leaves over all the damp cardboard. 

The pile of leaves.

The pile of leaves.

Cardboard and Leaves

Cardboard and Leaves

Then, we waited.  I planted some things before we left on tour, and while we were gone, our garden designer filled in some more.  When we returned from our two months of touring, this is what we found: a GARDEN!!!

Things are starting to grow!

Things are starting to grow!

Okay, maybe it doesn’t look too exciting yet – but it will!  Promise! I’ll show you how it looks NEXT year!


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