Floors and Doors

Have you noticed that quilters, when visiting famous buildings, don’t look up?  Oh yes, the Sistine Chapel ceiling is very nice, but did you see that FLOOR?!?!? Norah McMeeking did that when she visited Italy, and wrote a book about the quilts she made from the tile floors she saw there. It’s called “Bella Bella Quilts”, and I’ve made one of them.

We’ve just spent a night with our friend Liz Alexander at Pinchbeck Hall. It’s a beautiful house – huge, with 5 acres of garden surrounding it.  When we last visited 3 years ago, I encouraged Liz to make a quilt based on the floor at the entrance.  She’s started collecting fabrics now for it; hopefully the next time we visit, it’ll be done.  This is the floor she’ll be reproducing in fabric:

Floor at Pinchbeck Hall

Floor at Pinchbeck Hall

Isn’t it beautiful? Liz also has a to-die-for crafting room (she also does lacemaking and embroidery and fabric dyeing), with views of her magnificent garden.

One of the things I love about the UK is that there are still people who practice the skills of yesteryear.  It seens that anything anyone has ever been skilled at in this part of the world is still being practiced by someone.  That includes thatching roofs. The day after we left Pinchbeck we did a bit of walking in Spaulding, Lincolnshire. It is a lovely town on a river, and there’s a pub (there’s ALWAYS a pub) by the river with beautiful thatching.

Ye Olde White Horse pub

Ye Olde White Horse pub

During our walk, I noticed the doorways. All quite different and beautiful. Might be a quilt in here somewhere….


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