Our Groupies

This tour is going very well.  The performances have been well received by quilters in Surrey, Leicester, Cheshire, Hampshire, Northumberland, Cambridgeshire, etc. We’ve been busy, especially in the last week or two, and have been seeing some people whom we know already.  It’s always a pleasure to see a familiar face in the crowd.

Our first hosts this month were Alan and Margaret from Huntingdon who followed us up to Ossett, Yorkshire the next day.  At the same show we were happy to see Sally Ward again – Sally gave me the story about the Canadian Red Cross quilt that was sent “home” to northern Ontario to the museum there. It resulted in the song “Quilt of Names”. Kate Smith was there too, both having driven from York for the performance. We last saw her at the Quilters Guild Annual General Meeting in Scarborough last year.

Also last year, while we were in Blanding Utah, we met Maureen Middleton, an adventurous Yorkshire grandmother who was driving her camper/caravan around North and South America.  She had already driven from England to China and back again.  We met her again during the summer when she visited us at home.  And now – third time meeting, in a third country – we’ve seen her at “home” here in England!  Maureen came to our show for the Village Quilters in Leicester. I think she now counts as our best-travelled “groupie”!!!

Where will we see her next time?

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