Axe Murderers

I belong to an on-line quilting group called Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters, for short). I’ve written songs about them, learned much from them, and met many of them in our travels. There are currently in excess of 2400 SCQuilters, and they encompass a great range of skills, interests and senses of humour. We met up with two groups while we were in Australia: one on the Sunshine Coast (just north of Brisbane) and one in Canberra.



Sunshine Coast SCQuilters lunch

Sunshine Coast axe murderers






We are called “axe murderers” because one woman’s husband called us that early on. In those days the news was full of horrible stories of people getting murdered when they met up with on-line correspondants. Why would you risk your life by inviting “quilters” (so they called themselves) into your home? They could be Axe Murderers!!! So that’s what we call ourselves now.


At the Sunshine Coast SCQuilters lunch, Sharron told me that she invited some SCQuilters over for an afternoon and put a sign on her lawn “Axe Murderers’ Convention”. Her new neighbours were not at all amused… they had recently had a horrible murder/suicide in their area, and seriously wondered about the new immigrants to their patch. It took Sharron quite a long time before she could explain to them….


Our friend Michelle Law organized a similar meeting in Canberra at a lovely Turkish restaurant. There were 18 of us, including a couple of DHs (Dear Husbands).  Great to see everyone, and there was even show and tell (Chantelle, to SCQuilters).



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