Change Stations Now

A few years ago I joined Curves, the women’s fitness system. I can use my travel passes to attend a Curves workout anywhere in the world, and it helps to keep me more active than sitting in the car driving to our next gig. While we were in Brisbane, I found a nearby Curves, and was able to work out three days in a row!


The first thing I saw when I went into the Mt. Gravatt Curves was – guess what – quilts on the wall! It was a display by one of their members, Lexie Peters. What a great way to welcome me into the club!



Lexie's quilts at Curves

Quilts by Lexie






The Mt. Gravatt club is a particularly friendly and fun one. Before I left they gave me a t-shirt, and I won a key ring by correctly answering questions during the workout.  I’ll be back next time I’m in the area!


We moved on from Brisbane to Bangalow to stay with our friends Roger and Shae Seccombe.  Shae heard about my interest in finding a workout and invited me to go along with her to one that she attends. It was FAR more intense than what I’ve been doing.  In a one-hour workout, we were jogging and boxing and kick-boxing and doing all kinds of extreme things with our bodies.  I was sore for three days afterwards……




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