From Christchurch to Paradise

It was a 5 hour drive from Christchurch yesterday and we stopped along the way to see some NZ fur seals at rest. It is mating season, but we saw no evidence of that sort of activity. But the pups were cute. 


New Zealand Fur Seals

New Zealand Fur Seals





We stopped at A Patch of Country – the quilt shop in Kaikoura – on our way through. They have a nice range of fabric, including a lot of New Zealand designs, but what surprised me most was looking up and seeing a line of Patchworks Studio stained glass patterns.  These are published by my friends Susan and Daphne in Victoria BC!





Patchworks Studio patterns

Patchworks Studio patterns





John’s nephew Colin and his family are working in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We are in Anakiwa, just west of Picton, at the top end of the south island of New Zealand (or Aotearoa, in Maori). Colin works at Outward Bound, the outdoor recreation phenomenon that started in Wales and now extends internationally. Alex is a teacher at the local school.



We drove a very curvy road from Picton to paradise.  We are surrounded by fern trees and birdsong, overlooking the Sound and surrounded by mountains. Oh my!  You won’t hear from me for a few days, I think. We’re going to relax and do some hiking and did I say relaxing? We’ll have a house concert here on Saturday before we go. What a perfect place for a concert!


See the fern trees?

See the fern trees?



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One Response to “From Christchurch to Paradise”

  1. Daphne Greig Says:

    Hi Cathy & John – thanks for taking the picture of our patterns in New Zealand!!!


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