Little Hexes (update)

The flight from Sydney to Christchurch was uneventful, and blessedly short. We had 4-5 hours in the airport before we left and another 3 on board.  I had some uninterrupted time with my little hexagons.


I showed this little quilt at the SCQuilters dinner in Canberra, and they wanted to see a picture of it. I’ve been working on this piece for just over a year now, and it’s slowly getting larger. It is based on a quilt made in the 1820-1840 range that is part of the collection of the Shelbourne Quilt Museum in Vermont, USA. The original was not done in miniature. My hexagons are ¼” to a side, and the entire piece is now measuring about 20”.



My Little Hexes

My Little Hexes








Why am I doing something so crazy?


Firstly, let me say it’s not about getting it done.  It’s entirely to give me something to do while we’re travelling. Something that won’t take much room, but will fill the hours so that I don’t turn into a zombie while John is driving, or while we’re waiting for flights. 


Not all roads are appropriate to do this sort of work. For example, there was no time in England that I considered pulling it out.  The job of navigator is a full-time one there, and even the motorways are a bit hairy for such fine work. In Australia, there are some good, long, straight roads, but sometimes they are a bit bumpy.  Also not good for sewing.


So I waited until we were sitting in Sydney airport to pick them up.  I was able to attach two sides of flowers to the piece, which is a lot!  It seems to take weeks to attach a row at this point in the quilt. But I don’t dedicate myself to it exclusively, of course.


One day it will be finished. Then I’ll have to see if there are smaller templates available……!!! (I’m kidding!)



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