“Wundy” Wellington

The ferry across from Picton to Wellington is big – as big as the ferry we take all the time between Vancouver Island and the mainland. With this sailing last Saturday, we left the South Island of New Zealand to continue our adventures.


We stayed with Anne and Doug in “Wundy Wellington” for four nights. They live on Mount Victoria, overlooking the airport, and we could see the Inter Islander ferries from their living room window. They hosted a house concert for us on Sunday, and the attendees also enjoyed the view.  What a great location for a concert!

Before the Concert

Before the Concert


We took the next couple of days to explore Wellington and the area. There are so many hills around the city that everyone seems to have a great view.  It also means that some of the approaches are very steep and treacherous.  Some people have responded to this by having their own private cable cars.  We saw them as we drove by.  We did visit the Wellington Cable Car Museum to learn about the history of them, and found out that some people have installed private cable cars because their dogs were too old to climb the stairs any more!!!  Here’s a cable car that we rode up to the top of the Wellington Botanic Gardens.


The Gardens in Wellington are amazing, and we enjoyed our walk back down to town. John found a flower from a Mexican Monkey Hand tree.



And I loved the succulent garden. 

Aonium Arboreum

Aonium Arboreum

The next day we took a drive along the coast and ended up at Owhino Bay, where we found a HUGE paua shell.  Some divers had already eaten the contents and left a few shells behind. Anne and Doug had never seen one so large. We left their place somewhat reluctantly, after having had a great time at the top of the hill. We took one last picture, just to prove we were there. 

Farewell to Wellington

Farewell to Wellington



One Response to ““Wundy” Wellington”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic place to stay! I hope you’re enjoying your North Island adventures!

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