This is how we do it in Canada

Was is only six days ago that I was on a boogie board, hurtling down a steep sand dune in New Zealand? It seems like longer than that!

We received more snow last night, pretty much ensuring a white Christmas for Victoria. We’re both a bit stiff from shovelling and trudging through the white stuff, but today I did get out for a bit of a ski on the golf course we live near. 

I love the golf course when it snows – the place is transformed. Instead of slow moving, mostly quiet (except for the occasional “FORE!!” or other four letter word) and very much adult clientele, when it snows, all of a sudden there are children everywhere and delighted screams fill the air.  You can see the passage of life across the snow via the tracks: boots, skis, snowshoes and toboggans.  There are lumps of snow packed together occasionally – snow men, standing sentinel. And snow angels.  Do you know about snow angels?  That’s when you lie down on a pristine patch of snow and wave your arms and legs up and down.  When you get up, there’s a perfect image of an angel left behind.  Every child in Canada has learned about snow angels, right around the time they’ve been dared to lick a metal pole on a cold day in the schoolyard!

The ducks aren’t quite sure about it all, and they mostly huddle together in the bits of open water they can find on the pond. Or they fly in formation overhead, looking for something to eat, quacking as they go.

This is the Canadian way of going down a hill.  It looks very much like the New Zealand one, except the hill isn’t yellow, but white. And we are all wearing a lot more clothes!

That's not me, this time!

That's not me, this time!

2 Responses to “This is how we do it in Canada”

  1. Michelle Says:

    A white Christmas! How nice is that going to be!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, you two.

    Michelle x

  2. Martha Dennis Says:

    Hello to both of you. I was out on Saturday night with Gisela and gave her Bernard’s contact information. I have followed you throughout the years with interest, and I must admit some envy. I will look forward to seeing you on your next trip through Oxford County.


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