15 hours of work

Well, we’ve been back from our NZ trip for well over a month and a half now, and I’m finally able to talk about it. No, the trip itself was wonderful, as you know if you’ve been following our travels. It’s what I lost on the way back.

I’m pretty sure it was on the flight from Auckland to Vancouver. Fourteen hours of flying can lead to some confusion in the rush to get out of the plane, not to mention the fuzziness that fatigue can lend to the proceedings.  And I didn’t even notice it was missing until a couple of weeks later. My heart just sank.

A little baggie of about 15 Grandmother’s Flower Gardens, done in 1/4″ hexagons, all ready to piece onto my little quilt. GONE!

I was devastated, felt hollow and bereft. But now, with almost 2 months of time to settle down, I can say: it’s only time (15 hours) (and hardly any fabric!). At least, I didn’t leave behind the quilt! THAT would have been tragic!

I did try to call the Air Canada baggage services, but they never ever answered. I think it’s a test: see how long people will wait on hold with bad muzak playing. I managed about 15 minutes till I had to hang up.

I will get back to piecing little little hexagons when we fly to Ontario in March. I usually have far more interesting work to do when we’re home! And I must keep reminding myself: it’s not about getting it done, it’s about DOING. (very zen, doncha know!)


3 Responses to “15 hours of work”

  1. Fran in Whyalla Says:

    Having seen the little hexagons you were working on when you were here I can imagine your feeling of loss, Cathy!

  2. Mary in Oregon Says:

    Oh Cathy! I’m so sorry to hear about those little guys getting lost. 😦 You sure put a lot of work into them. I do hope they somehow turn up for you some day. One just never knows, eh?
    Hugz, Mary in Oregon

    • singingquilter Says:

      Thanks Fran and Mary for your sympathy. I’m moving on and making more, but I don’t work on them much when I’m home. I’m back at my machine now, and creating other quilts. I guess I’ll do some more hexes when we fly to Ontario next month. This just means that the finishing of this will occur 15 hours later than it would have!

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