A Day Off

Greetings from Peterborough Ontario.  Although it’s April — technically, spring — the snow has been falling for two days, and it all looks very Christmasy here.  John and I have been staying at a motel here for a couple of nights, before continuing our tour to Bancroft on Wednesday night.

We don’t often get a couple of days alone in a motel room when we’re on tour. Usually, we’re seeing friends and doing shows or sightseeing. But both of us wanted some time to get caught up, so we opted to be on our own during this time.  The snow was just another good reason to stay put.

So, what do I do on a day off?  Well, as you see, I’m blogging a bit. I’ve done some updates to the website www.singingquilter.com, and I’ve been catching up on my Facebook page.  Yesterday I found the local Curves and did a workout. I also worked on some of my little hexagons.  I’ve finally caught up on the 15 flower gardens I lost on the flight from New Zealand in December.  I should have this row done soon, and then I’ll start to square off the piece.  It’s almost done!!! (well, give me another 6 months……)

A day off is also a chance to dream. Of quilts I’m going to start when I get home. Of writing a book. Of becoming a black belt in karate (okay, I’m making that part up). Of songs I will write. Notice I didn’t say “should”?  I hate that word!  Either I do it, or I don’t. There’s no such thing as “should”. (or, at least, there SHOULDN’T be!!!)

I’m also reminded of living in Ontario, when every spring would hold out the promise of warm sunny weather, only to yank it away from you when there was always ONE MORE SNOWSTORM — no matter if it was April or May.  (At least, in June you were pretty safe, unlike living in Calgary, for example.) I know that the weather is glorious at home in Victoria just now. My daffodils are blooming in my absence. The artichoke plant is growing by leaps and bounds, the roses are sprouting, and maybe the deer haven’t eaten ALL my tulips. I’m living in hope that the apple tree gives us some fruit this year, its second year in my garden. We’ll be home soon enough, and I’ll be able to get back to work outside.

And after all this snow, we’re really going to feel we deserve our cruise to Hawaii. Everyone is getting very excited about our upcoming adventure — we have 33 quilters aboard the Carnival Spirit, cruising for 6 days around the Hawaiian Islands, then across to Vancouver.  I can’t wait to sail into Vancouver Harbour — it promises to be gorgeous!  And what a different way to enter the city.  We’ve flown into Vancouver and driven there.  Walked the Seawall, even bicycled.  But to sail into one of the world’s great harbours.  I can’t wait!

So, clearly, my mind is dwelling on many things today.  I won’t bore you with the rest. Here’s a picture outside our hotel room. If you’re hot just now, be cool.  If you’re cool, imagine yourself INSIDE and cozy warm.

Slush and snow - we're staying inside!

A winter wonderland?

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