Tonight we are in Boise Idaho. We had a long drive today from our last night’s show on Whidbey Island.  It was really interesting to sing for the Quilters on the Rock guild.  They meet in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church hall, and it all started at 6pm with a social hour.  We had driven up from Salem Oregon that day in the heat, and hoped to get on the 2:15 ferry over to the island. Alas, no reservation, and it’s summer in the San Juan Islands – LOTS OF TOURISTS! We were one of the last cars on the 3:45 ferry, and made it in time to grab a bite to eat before the show.

The place was packed.  Someone came up to me before the meeting started and said “you must be really good; we’ve never seen so many people at a July meeting!” Everybody sang along, and laughed along and even did some of John’s fancy “choreography” for the song “Shop Hopping”. At the end, they gave us a standing ovation AND lots of people came up to tell me stories they thought I should write songs about.  Many of them were really good, too.

One story was about her husband. He was at work one day and noticed another man who had some threads on his shirt. He approached him and said: “Your wife’s a quilter, right?”. The other fellow said “Why, yes she is — how on earth did you know?”

Then her husband brought their vacuum cleaner in for servicing. The vacuum cleaner repairman said to him “I see you’re wife’s a quilter!” He answered “Why yes, she is — how on earth did you know?” (of course, the vacuum cleaner guy then turned over the vacuum to show all the colourful threads wound around the beater bar – elementary, my dear Watson!) 

Don’t you think this would make a great song for John to sing?  I wonder what other things would give away the fact that someone’s wife is a quilter? Square holes neatly cut in his shirts? Pins embedded in his feet? (OUCH!)

We drove through 95 degree F heat today.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  There was lots of construction on the highways.  A fellow also waiting for the ferry yesterday said it’s all the Stimulus Funding being spent.  At least the highway construction workers are working! 

 Tomorrow we have another long drive. We’re on our way to the Nebraska state quilt show in Lincoln. We sing there on Friday night, and I’m teaching two classes on Saturday.  It should be great fun.  In the meantime, I’m getting lots of time to work on my little hexagons. Maybe I’ll get this project finished on this trip!!!!


One Response to “Hot!”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    Several people commented to me that this was the best program we ever had. Thank you for coming to Whidbey Island and Quilters on the Rock. We hope you’ll make a return visit soon!

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