Knitted Chairs

I’ve just found a new blog that sounds really neat. It’s about knitted chairs and you can look at the blog here: 

I’m writing a new song about Stealth Knitters, or Yarnbombers, also called “yarnstorming”, where knitters, under cover of darkness, go out into the community and cover stop signs, fences, trees, or cherubs with knitted garments.  Think about a line of fence posts all covered with knitted hats. Think a bicycle’s body warm and cozy inside its  bright yarn jacket.  You get the idea. 

So the idea of knitted chairs appeals to me.  There’s even a pattern on this site!

We are now in Wyoming, and are planning to arrive in Lincoln Nebraska tomorrow, after our third 10 hour drive in a row.  We are READY to arrive at Quilt Nebraska!  Happily, we’ll have a day to orient ourselves, and do our show on Friday night.  Teaching all day Saturday, then we’re back on vacation.  Oh, and then we have to drive home again…..

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