Geysers and River Tubing

We’ve just returned from our short tour to the US. It was a combination working/playing adventure.

The day after our concert in Lincoln,  I taught the Reverse Applique class again – twice. I continue to be amazed at what my students produce.  They all have such different ideas on how to use the technique.  Here are some of their pieces.

Quilt Nebraska pm 011small

A Mardi Gras Inukshuk

A Mardi Gras Inukshuk

 Quilt Nebraska am 011small

And these were all done within a 3 hour period!

We left Lincoln somewhat reluctantly – we’d had such a good time there — and headed home, via a couple of stops with family.  On the way back to BC, we planned to drive through Yellowstone.  On the way, there just happens to be a great quilt shop: Big Horn Quilts!

Outside Big Horn Quilts in Greybull WY

Outside Big Horn Quilts in Greybull WY

 I hadn’t had any time at all up to then to do any retail therapy in a quilt shop, so I spent a bit of time there.  They have such a great selection of stuff.  They have been affected, though, with the recession, and their stock is not what it used to be.  Everyone awaits the return of economic confidence so we can get shops like Big Horn Quilts back to their previous level of greatness! (That being said, they are still a WONDERFUL place to stop. If you’re passing through anyway.)

I hadn’t been to Yellowstone Park since I was a child, when my mom had a close encounter with a bear at the campsite. When Dad and I returned to the tent trailer, we found her, electric frypan in hand, claiming she stared down a bear who wanted her chili con carne! The bear, clearly, did not win that fight. John had never been through Yellowstone before.  A place I had been that he had not?  Unbelievable!

If there was a tourist in the area, they were all with us at Old Faithful when she blew. And she blew within the 10 minutes-give-or-take that we were promised by the park rangers.  How do they know?  I guess that’s why the geyser is so famous.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

 I’ll tell you what though:  I don’t want to be there when the magma underneath Yellowstone decides to blow.  Although the area has not seen any serious activity, apart from the geysers and hot springs and mud pools, for many years, one day the whole shootin’ match is gonna blow, and blow big.  It is still very much an active volcanic area.  And virtually the entirety of Yellowstone Park is contained within the caldera of the volcano.  One day… and hopefully not soon….

We headed north and west from Yellowstone through Montana to visit John’s sister in Fort Steele BC, and his daughter in Oliver. Sara always has great adventures for us to partake in when we visit her, and this time was no exception. For starters, we picked some organic blueberries in the morning, so we could get really really hot.  Then in the afternoon we put our bathing suits on to go tubing down the Okanagan River. 

I had never been tubing before.  It’s a great thing to do in shallow rivers – you need something to keep you afloat, and it’s amazing how hard those rocks can be on the part that sits below the inner tube!  It was wonderfully cool in the water.  We saw herons, dogs, the odd person on the bank, but had the river to ourselves.  John paid the obligatory donation to the River Gods: our car keys! Somewhere, there must be a collection of car keys that people have lost in their travels down the river. Ours are there too.  Small price to pay for a wonderful afternoon.

Oliver tubing 037small

With car keys - the before shot!

So, loaded up with fresh blueberries, pickling cukes and beef, we headed home after a wonderful (and quick) trip south. We’re home for a month before we do it all again!

One Response to “Geysers and River Tubing”

  1. Mary in Oregon Says:

    Cathy, I LOVE the Reverse Applique class results. WOW! One of these days the Cathy Miller Groupies will need to show up at one of your classes. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the loss of car keys. Good reminder to always travel with spares. 🙂 Yes, Old Faithful is amazing. I enjoy Yellowstone – always so much to see.
    Take care!
    Hugz, Mary

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