Liberace in Vegas

Hello everyone. Here I am sitting in the airport in Atlanta GA. It’s high time I caught you up on our adventures, and this is a good time.

We’re on our way from Salt Lake City to Toronto.  I’m going to spend the weekend at my high school reunion in London Ontario, as well as doing a show with two other women songwriters: Donna Creighton and Kim Souchs.  It should be good, and I’m really looking foward to singing some of my pre-quilting songs again.  It’s been a while!!!

When we left San Marcos, after spending a week working, sewing, eating and enjoying the weather, we headed “up the hill” to Lancaster. We sang a concert for the High Country Quilters Guild in Palmdale and I taught a Reverse Applique class the next morning.  Everyone was spectacular – such a welcoming place!  And there were some wonderful pieces created during the class again.

We left from there and drove across the desert to Las Vegas.  We had another gig there for the Desert Quilters of Nevada mini-quilt retreat, and then a couple of days to play in Vegas!

We had tickets booked for Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity”, and it was a fantastic performance, as we expected. But we also got a chance to visit a couple of museums that were equally interesting, and quite a bit more informative!

The Liberace Museum was a must.  This flamboyant, extraordinary pianist created a foundation to support up and coming artists before his death.

Liberace has left the building to go onto the outside wall of his museum.

Liberace has left the building to go onto the outside wall of his museum.

The museum not only has a performing area for concerts, but features the Master’s pianos and costumes, as well as some of his art collection.  He discovered feathers, furs and beaded costumes WELL before Elton John did!  They were extraordinary – and must have been hugely hot and heavy to wear on stage.  There were many of his custom vehicles (some of which he used for his entrances on stage!) too. LOTS of mirrors and glitz.  Same goes for his pianos, although there were some lovely antique pianos as well.

One of his mirrored pianos

One of his mirrored pianos

There was a cut-out at the entrance of Liberace which we decided would make a great photo op….. alas, I didn’t have the wardrobe!

Me and Liberace!

Me and Liberace!

I’m running out of time here at the airport – I’ll have to finish this later!

2 Responses to “Liberace in Vegas”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Looks like you’re having an excellent time, Cathy!

  2. Wendy Says:

    Hey Cathy! Are we still on for the 29th? Your ATT email bounced back! Let me know!

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