DUH and CHUG day: Ukuleles Galore!

Our very good friend, Martha Stookey, is not only an accomplished quilter and quilt teacher, who has mentored a good many quilters in the Fort Worth area through the Berry Patch quilt shop, but she’s also an avid ukulele-ist.  We are staying with her while we’re in the Fort Worth area and she has pulled out all the stops to make sure we feel welcome.

First of all, we attended the regular meeting of the Quilt Sitters, a monthly get-together at the Berry Patch shop.  After a presentation and some show and tell, they invited me up to sing a few songs.  It was great fun, and they made me feel like a visiting celebrity!

And then yesterday Martha hosted a party of ukulele players.  “DUH” is Dallas Ukulele Headquarters (you can Google them to find out more), and “CHUG” is Coffee House Ukulele Group.  After spending the time with these talented and enthusiastic players, I’ve decided I am playing with too many strings.  Who needs 6, when you can do just as well with 4??!!  And the repertoire they have found is so much fun!

Teko, Mark and Tom and their ukes

Katsu, Mark and Tom and their ukes

I can find nothing wrong with the ukulele crowd.  They can carry them on airplanes without hassle. They can play anything. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They have a great excuse for going to Hawaii to buy more ukuleles. They throw great parties. Here is what Mark had on his t-shirt:

Mark Levine - DUH!a

Without U, it's just Kulele

And they welcome anyone who wants to play.  There were about 20 players in Martha’s living room yesterday, all having a great time. Oh – and two autoharps.  Ukulele players are nothing if not inclusive!

Okay – that’s it: I’m giving up guitar and throwing my lot in with the ukes!  Well, maybe not quite yet.  But if I did, I’d have LOTS more room in the car for fabric!!!!


3 Responses to “DUH and CHUG day: Ukuleles Galore!”

  1. Mark Levine Says:

    Cathy, You are ALWAYS welcome at ANY D.U.H. event, even with that big ‘ol 6-stringer! We really enjoyed jamming with you!

  2. Peggi Says:

    Speaking of ukuleles, it’s worth it to seek out The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain videos on YouTube. They’re absolutely amazing! They inspired me to go out and buy a uke. 🙂

  3. Tim Hatcher Says:

    Cathy, meeting you and hearing you perform was a true delight. Thank you for sharing your gifts with our group! Hope your tour is going great.

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