Our day at the Houston Quilt Festival

I am holding in my hand a business card that was given to me this morning as we arrived at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  We got there just before the doors opened, and the early birds before us had made it difficult to find a parking spot.  This never happens when we have a booth at Houston – we’re always there way before most of the masses!

We saw a uniformed woman on the side of the road, who stopped us and asked if we were looking for a parking spot.  Yes!  She then told us we could park all day on the street for $6.00.  Some of the lots we passed had a price of $20 for the day!  She helped me get my ticket, punching all the buttons and showing me where the credit card went (after telling me that the machine does not give change).  Then she handed me the ticket and her business card! 

Now, where I’m from, when the Parking Enforcement Supervisor gives you something, it’s usually a ticket for illegal parking. How nice that Houston Parking gals are so helpful!  Thank you Lynda Hughes!

We met with our friend Philippa Naylor for lunch after her morning class was over.  The last time we saw her was at her home in Yorkshire England.  She’s won another prize here at Houston (the biggest quilt show in the world), this time for Merit Quilting – machine.  Her quilt is beautiful.  Check out the quilt winners at http://www.quilts.org/winners.html

After lunch, I made my way over to the Alzheimers’ Art Quilt Initiative booth, run by Ami Sims and her capable group of volunteers. I had offered to  “Vanna” for her (since when did Vanna’s name become a verb?) – to don the tiara and help her sell as many of the little donated quilts as I could. Not only was my job to show the little quilts to people if they were interested, but I would compose and sing a little song to each person who bought a quilt while I wore the tiara.  After about 15 songs, I lost count – and in only an hour and a half! 

Houston 001

Me with the cupcake tiara on the left, Ami in white on the right.

This year, Ami brought 1,000 quilts with her to Houston. They are very likely going to be sold out by tomorrow. That’s tens of thousands of dollars for Alzheimer’s research.  She’s a saint. If you’d like to find out more about this, or how to donate a quilt for next year’s sale, http://www.alzquilts.org/.

Then we went exploring the quilt show.  You can see the amazing quilts on their website, but you won’t see some of the things we did:

The Quilted Elephant

The Quilted Elephant

In the Mary Fisher exhibit, an elephant made by Hasboro toy company, with quilts made and fabrics designed  by Mary.  Everybody was taking pictures of it, he was that cute.

I’m finding myself drawn to the art quilts more often than not.  Perhaps my own quilting is starting to go in that direction.  There was certainly a lot of inspiration at the show!

We got a chance to see our friend Judy Hall, from Punch with Judy (www.punchwithjudy.com.au) in Australia.  She has been carrying our CDs for years, and we rarely get a chance to visit with her.  She’s doing some teaching in Houston while she’s there, and we only had a short time together.

Judy Hall and John and I at the Just Curves booth

Judy Hall and John and I at the Just Curves booth

Then we saw our friend, Ann Bird’s quilt, caught up briefly with Caryl Bryer Fallert (who won BEST OF SHOW!!!! Yay, Caryl!), and found out that Ricky Tims has completed his new Christmas CD (http://www.rickytims.com/ ). When I last saw him in August, he was about to fly to Nashville to mix it, and it sounded like a huge endeavour, with some songs having over 100 tracks to mix.  He told me today it went very smoothly, and only took 3 days to mix!  I can’t wait to hear it.

Tommorow, I shop. One more day at Quilt Festival. What fun!



One Response to “Our day at the Houston Quilt Festival”

  1. Daphne Greig Says:

    Hi there – where are you staying in Houston? I’m going to be in ROW M of the quilt show (near Moira’s quilt at about 3 pm Sunday and going through the quilt show (not vendors today!) Maybe I’ll see you and John!!


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