Of singing and carving and quilting

We just got home from our quick visit to Sammamish Washington to the Block Party Quilters’ Club meeting, and our last performance of the year.  This was an unusual gig, in that we donated it to the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters show last year for a silent auction.  The person who “bought” us was Barbara Magill, a longarmer from that guild, and, it turns out, a huge fan.  She was there, of course.

Barbara Magill and I at the Block Party Quilters Club

Barbara reminded me that she and I go back a long way: she was also one of the quilters who contributed her experiences when I was writing “You Can Quilt That Out”, my song about longarmers.  It was delightful to watch her singing along with great enthusiasm as we did the show.

It’s always wonderful to help the celebration of a special event at a guild meeting. In this case, it was their last meeting before Christmas, and there was a huge spread of delicious goodies that people brought.  We were enthusiastically received and ended the year’s touring on a very high note.

Home again, with three weeks to the day before Christmas.  I am still carving, and am about halfway there to completing the wooden sign for John’s daughter.  It’s a lot of work!!!  If this was a quilt, I’d be doing the binding by now…..  I think I’ll return to quilting after it’s done. This is what it looks like now:

And yes, I’m doing it in the kitchen – it’s warm, the counter is the right height, and the light is good. My kitchen floor has NEVER been swept so often!

I have been quilting a bit, too, though.  I can’t carve for more than a couple of hours a day — too hard on my hands.  So, in the other hours, I’ve been working on a kaleidoscope quilt, a la Ricky Tims’ instructions.  I attended his Super Seminar in August, and am finally getting around to working on some of the things I learned there.  Here’s my kaleidoscope quilt so far – it still needs some borders, quilting, etc.  The colours are based on the amazing jacaranda and bouganvilia trees that were in full blossom when we were last in Australia – a year ago!

J & B Kaleidoscope

2 Responses to “Of singing and carving and quilting”

  1. Peggy Freeman Says:

    Love the new quilt. Wonderful colors. And the sign carving is coming right along! It’s going to be great but if you’ll look at the calendar you’ll see you might have to carve more than 2 hrs a day to have it ready in time! 😉

  2. ozjane Says:

    Those colors look fairly evocative…..will you kill me if I say that bourganvila is more a climber than a tree??? LOL.
    They climb so well that it would be hard to spot the difference.
    A bit cold down here for them to do as well as they do higher up…but am tempted to try a jacarandah if this drought ever ends.
    Hugs for a Happy New Year.

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