A New Year, a New Decade

There’s something about the turning of the years. I get all sentimental and thoughtful.  Even when I was in my younger years, I would always set aside time to write in my journal, trying to make sense of the year past and make plans for the year ahead.

It seems even more vital to do these things when it is a turning of a decade.  The last ten years for me have been absolutely amazing.  Rather than sinking into folk music oblivion, wishing I’d done something different (like have a hit album…), I re-invented myself (with John’s help), stopped trying to get through a wall that kept hitting me in the head, and took a new path.

Ten years ago we were in Darwin Australia, living for 8 months there while John worked on a planning contract. I was taking quilting classes, meeting some amazing new friends, and discovering stories to write into songs about quilting. It was hot, but I sat under the ceiling fan every day, making quilts and trying to come up with songs.  I had no idea at that time how it would change my life.

So, what will the next decade bring?  I have no idea.  There will be at least one new CD recorded (I’ve already booked the studio time for this coming August). There will be more quilts made (I still have lots of fabric in my stash). There will be many more miles driven (we have a huge spring tour throughout America all ready to go). There will be new faces, new friends, and maybe even I’ll get started on a book I’ve been thinking about.

How about you? Will your resolutions lead you into new areas?  My main resolution this year is to stay focused on the important stuff.  I haven’t yet decided on how to tell if something IS important, but I think I always know, in my heart of hearts. There are two new quilts in my head that I’ve been waiting to start. I have all the fabric, and the main designs, but I have let other projects get in the way.  They are important quilts for me to make, for various reasons, and they will be challenging, and my job this year is to DO THEM!

For those of you who have been following the saga of the carved sign: it was delivered at Christmas, and they loved it.  Here they are, opening it, on Christmas Day.

They will do the finishing on the bear before he goes outside.  I’m hoping for a brownish stain that will bring out the texture of the fur.

We had a great Christmas in Oliver, BC – a perfect Canadian Christmas, I think. We had snow, a fire in the fireplace, family, wood-splitting chores, sushi, gingerbread houses, turkey, and magnificent skating on Vaseau Lake.

I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.  Now the Big Question: what are your plans for the next decade? How will you make a positive difference in this world? I read something in the Globe and Mail paper today suggesting that we all write our own epitaphs, as a way of helping us focus on what change we would like to bring into our lives (rather than just making New Year’s Resolutions).  How would you like to be remembered, and how will you get there?

Okay: let’s get going!

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