A quick visit to Anacortes

I just got home from a quick visit to the Northwest Quilting Connection in Anacortes, WA. It was a lovely day!  Alas, the Sidney-Anacortes ferry was out of service for the week, so what should have been a quick trip over was made a bit longer.  We had to take the ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawassen, and then enter into the US through Blaine.  The joys of living on an island!!!

The NQC meets 5 times a year in different locations, and encompasses quite a large area, including parts of British Columbia! We met some fans, some friends, some friends of friends, and a whole lot of people who had never heard John and me sing before. They were most generous, even feeding us a beautiful lunch after our morning show.

Many people came up to me afterwards to tell me stories, say nice things about my quilts and music, or make some connection.  There was a friend of Karen Ostheller, who sent me the stuff I needed to write “Shop Hopping”.  A few Canadians who have seen us at various events, including Ottawa many years ago.

One beautiful woman introduced herself after having seen my little hexagon piece (which STILL isn’t completed!).  She said “My name is Tess Herlan, and I started the Paper Pieces company, that made the templates for your 1/4″ hexagons”!!!  I was delighted to meet her.  Here we are together:

Tess calls these little hexagons "Insanity in a Bag"!!

So…. IT’S TESS’ FAULT!!  People still think I’m crazy to be doing these.  This piece is almost finished (2-1/2 years later), but I have plans for more.  We have a big tour coming up, and I’ll need something to do in the car…..

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