You Just Might Be A Quilter

There have been many articles and posts over the years in quilt-related groups that “send up” the joys and idiosyncracies of the quilter.  One of my favourites is “When you have more fabric in your house than food, you just might be a quilter”.  I’ve decided to put the best ones together in a song for the next recording. 

What are your best “you just might be a quilter” stories?  Have you ever thought of making batting out of cat hair?  Or lint from your dryer? Have you ever cooked a vat of stew on Sunday so that you wouldn’t have to cook again all week (leaving more time for quilting, of course!)?  Do you keep all your used and cut threads in a container just in case you want to start “art quilting”?  Do you save your selvedges for a future quilt? 

I once heard of a woman who, in designing her new house, had a laundry chute placed just inside the back door.  Alas, one day when she was at work, her husband and the architect were discussing it, and couldn’t understand why it would be there, as the laundry room was on the other side of the basement.  So they removed it from the plans!  We quilters know why it was there, so she could toss the bags of new fabric down there as she entered the house (to hide it from her husband, of course!). 

She just might be a quilter!

Another woman was in a minor car accident.  What was her first call:  to her husband?  to the Automobile Association to get a tow?  to the police?  Nooooooo – she called her quilting friend to come and get the stash out of the trunk, before her husband found out!

She just might be a quilter, too!

If you’ve heard of any good stories like this, please let me know – there’s still time to get them into the song! You just might be a quilter, too.

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