Tallahassee Florida and environs

G’day everyone!  It’s Kass again, with an update on my travels with Cathy and John.  We have almost a week off from our gigs before we head north to Alabama and that means PLAYTIME!

I finally got some serious beach time in New Smyrna Beach last week with some old friends of John’s from Queen’s University.  It was winter break for the kids up north and there was some serious partying happening on the Atlantic shores.  The sun came out the day we were there, and Cathy finally put her shorts on.  It was only one day, but it was good. 

Me and the party

From there we drove to Gainesville to see Jack and Sally, a couple who John last saw 50 years ago!  I can’t imagine knowing ANYONE for 50 years, but then, I’m still pretty young.  They took us all out for dinner at their golf club, and we had a grand old time. The next day we went back to Tallahassee (where we last saw the Canada-US ice hockey game).

C&J did a really fun gig at Quilters Unlimited in Tallahassee.  They really didn’t know what to expect.  The “singing quilter”?  What’s THAT??!?!!!  But it didn’t take too long for them to start singing along, and doing the Shop Hop with John.  Everybody was looking at me at the end to see how I was made.  Someone suggested a song idea to Cathy at the end of the night, and she’s looking into writing about it.  She said she found it very difficult to give away quilts she’d made for other people.  It’s a bit like giving away her children. I wonder if Cathy will feel that way giving me away to Margaret at the end of this tour?  Especially since I’ve been such a great travel companion.  We’ve had lots of adventures so far!

People were really helpful about what we should do on our week off in Tallahassee.  It seems there are lots of activities here.  On Saturday we drove almost back to Gainesville to attend the Suwannee Valley Quilt and Old Time Craft Festival. (I’m singing:  “Way down upon the Suwannee River…..”)  The whole town of Trenton Florida is taken over by quilts and crafties – quilts were hanging everywhere!

Main Street, Trenton at the Quilt Festival

It all started with the quilt shop.  Stephanie and Paul Metts took over the old Coca Cola bottling building.  Soon, their clients asked for snacks, so they opened a cafe.  Then the stained  glass people moved into the 1910 Dry Goods Store.  Finally, 3 years ago, they had a great idea to start an outdoor quilt show. 

Stephanie and Paul hard at work at the festival

There were LOTS of people there, and everyone had a good time, visiting, looking at beautiful quilts from guilds all over the area, and shopping.  The quilt shop itself was jammed.  There was even a display of old aprons.  Not everyone was thrilled with that, but still took advantage of a sunny place to sit.

What chew lookin' at?

We followed our noses to find the Barbecue stands for lunch.  There were lots of antique tables, home baking, and even live mountain music!  We felt like locals, especially when everyone came up to us to say hello (they recognized us from the Tallahassee show the night before) and wish John a happy birthday.  It was FUN!

Yesterday we took a hop around Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological State Park.  In about 1200, the local natives had a village here and built huge mounds by hand for ceremonial events.  It was good to get a walk in the woods, even though most of the leaves aren’t out yet and only a few ferns were growing.  There were four young lads who were splashing around in the muddy crick (creek, for the rest of us), getting thoroughly filthy.  I almost joined them – it looked like fun!

There’s more to see while we’re here, so we’d better hop to it!  It’s still cool but at least the sun is out.  Later, mate!

cheers, Kassius

One Response to “Tallahassee Florida and environs”

  1. Peggi Says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who still thinks of the “crick” now and then. LOL

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