Natural adventures

Today Cathy and John took me (Kass) out for a couple of walks.  We are still in Tallahassee, and there is lots to see around here.  We had lunch with our new friend Maureen O’Doogan, and her dog Maggie, after we all went for a walk around Lake Ella. 

There were lots of people walking and jogging around the lake on this lovely sunny day.  We had a really good conversation and got to see some interesting things.  Look at all these turtles we found – and one wanna-be turtle, all trying to sit on the same float!  They must really like each other!

Quick, pretend you're a turtle!

Then we said goodbye to Maureen and Maggie, and drove down to the Gulf at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.  There are lots of critters here, especially birds.  We met a bunch of people in their cars with big lenses to see far away.  They were all talking about birds, and had come in bunches from their homes  to look at them. Cathy was very excited, and got her binoculars out and bird book and started comparing notes!

Now, where are those birds?

There were alligators in the area, so the signs said, so I mostly sat in the car – I’ve heard about those crocs in the Top End of Australia, and I don’t want to get near anything like them!  That’s why I’m not in any of these pictures.  Call me chicken, but I really want to meet Margaret in England someday, and I have to keep myself in good condition!

'Nuff said!

That’s all for now, mate.

cheers, Kass


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