I’ve been to a Marvellous Party

Party Time!

We’ve just left Jesup Georgia where we’ve had the most wonderful time!  I got to escape from Cathy and John for  the afternoon, driving around town with their friend Mavis in her car (not nearly as full as theirs is!).  We also got to eat Barbecue at lunch with two very beautiful ladies.  And, to top it off, it was International Quilting day!!  It was also a chance to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Wayne County Quilters’ Guild.  Their real anniversary isn’t till next year, but their motto is: Party Early, Party Often.  That’s my motto too!

But before that, we were in Auburn, Alabama.  This was the first time C&J had performed there, and they were very excited about that.  I thought they’d played EVERYwhere by now, but they tell me there are still a few states in the US they haven’t been.  Strike another one off the list: Alabama. 

Even though nobody knew what to expect at the beginning, they enjoyed themselves a lot.  They sent us home with a very cool bag of Auburn college football mugs (that’s a different kind of football than they play in Australia, but it’s very popular here) and a quilting angel (everyone should have one).  They were very nice to us.  The next morning, Cathy taught a class in her “Mock Mola” applique technique, and I got to tag along and show everybody how it’s done!  I reckon I’m an expert in it now.  They all created some wonderful pieces (tho’ not quite as nice as me!!!)

She used three different colours of fabric for this one.

This one was done with three different coloured fabrics too.

Oh, we had a grand time!  Everybody was asking where we were going next.  I told them “Jesup Georgia”.  “Where’s that?”  “Jesup the road a piece….”! (that’s what I learned when we got to Jesup.  Those Jesoopians are a barrel of laughs!) 

We stayed at a cabin on a lake out of town, which was lovely and quiet — a good idea, after all that partying!  But after the show in Jesup, Cathy had to make a quilt.  It WAS International Quilting Day, but that wasn’t the only reason.  She has been sending class samples ahead, so guilds can show their members what the class is all about.  She sent one at the end of January to Auburn, but it never arrived.  That one was going to be sent on to Plattsburg New York for their class later in this tour.  So Cathy had to make another one!! (I’m pretty glad she didn’t have to send ME ahead — I would have hated to have been lost in the mail, or to have missed out on more travel adventures.)  So, Cathy and her friend Mavis spent the rest of the day in Mavis’ studio, quilting.

Mavis at her Statler Stitcher, Cathy at the Bernina.

They looked like they were having fun.

Before we left to drive north, I had one more photo op at the lake.  They had a cycad planted by the cabin, and we have those in Australia too.  So I asked John if he would take me over to see it up close.

Thanks, Mavis and Jeff for the great place to stay!

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