Easter trees and dry stone walls

Another message from Kass the Kangaroo

Me (Kass) at the Pisgah Covered Bridge

Oh, my, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks!  It’s getting difficult to keep up with Cathy and John.  We had a lovely week off in North Carolina, then we hit the ground — hopping!

On our way to Ashboro NC, we stopped in at one of only 2 covered bridges in North Carolina.  Here I am (above), with Cathy holding me up so I could get a better view.  It was a lovely day, a cute burbling brook, and this strange construction.  Why would somebody NEED a covered bridge, anyway?  If it’s raining, you’re already wet by the time you get to the bridge, and if it’s not, it’s too late to prevent the sunburn…  It’s very historical, and all, and I guess that’s why Cathy and John drove so far out of their way to get there.  We don’t actually know HOW historical, though, since there wasn’t any information anywhere about the bridge.  But hey, we went.

In the middle of the show in Asheboro, the audience went wild.  There’s a part of the show where John does some choreography during the song “Shop Hopping” (I really like that song too, and I’m hopping all over the place to it!). Quilters tend to move their arms around, but Cathy gets very insistent that they join John and me hopping.  Usually a few people jump up from their seats by the end.  But in Asheboro, a group of ladies actually ran up to the front of the room and led the rest of the audience in hopping!  It was amazing.  Before you know, they’ll be talking with Aussie accents, too!

We spent Easter weekend with C&J’s very good friends in Virginia, Barb and Bill.  Cathy says they always land on their doorstep in the middle of some house repair or other.  This time was no  different: they were getting their house ready to sell before they move to Oregon. The rooms echoed, they were so empty!  The last day we were there, Bill took down all of Barb’s amazing travel photos and was patching the wall from all the nail holes.  I stayed clear away – didn’t want to get myself all plastery.

We had Easter dinner with B&B and their friend John Luck, who had just returned from his TENTH visit to Antarctica!  He’s a photographer too, and an EMS paramedic, and so gets to join Robert Swan (OBE) on his expeditions with international tourists to experience the wonder of that continent.  His pictures were amazing!  I’d like to meet some of those penguins sometime.  I think we’d get along swimmingly!

It was THE weekend for cherry and other flowering trees in the greater Washington DC area.  There’s lots of pollen around, too, so that all the cars are covered in yellow. Here I am with one of the trees outside Barb and Bill’s.

Aaaaah - CHOO!

The next stop was Lebanon PA.  C&J have been there twice before, and Cathy particularly wanted to show her friend Rosemary the postage stamp quilt she made from Rosemary’s instructions.

Cathy and Rosemary with Philately #1

Rosemary was very impressed.  Seems she’s told many other people about this technique, but nobody has finished one before.  I think the pieces are too small and too many, and that Cathy is barmy. But then, I’ve also seen her 1/4″ hexagon project and THAT’S even worse!

There was a definite “pong” in the air in Lebanon.  It’s an agricultural area and the cockies are all spraying their fields with unmentionable stuff. There were some areas we all had to hold our breaths!

Rosemary and Philip still had their Easter decorations up, and I saw for the first time an “Easter egg tree”.  Never seen one of these before!

Rosemary's Easter egg tree

Rosemary told me: you should be here at Valentine’s day and Hallowe’en!!  Maybe I can come back for a visit then.

We stopped by the roadside as we were leaving Lebanon to look at a dry stone wall.  Cathy tells me I’m going to see lots of these when I go to live with Margaret in England, so she wanted to show it to me up close.  This is the only one we’ve seen so far on this trip. What holds them up?

Pennsylvania dry stone wall

Back to Virginia from there, to shows in Richmond and Grafton, and a hexagon class in Deltaville. Cathy got to talk another 20 women into becoming hexaholics. She’s a mad hexaholic herself, especially those 1/4 inchers she’s working on. She was very happy with herself at the end of that class – she said it went very well.

Cathy has decided that she needs to finish her hex quilt before the end of this tour, so she is in the hotel rooms and on the long drives working at these little guys. She has one more row to go, and then will sandwich and quilt it. She’s been working at it for 2-1/2 years already!  But she’s got to get this finished before she starts her next one – she has two more ideas for them.  That’ll mean another 5 years on the road, the way she’s going….

Insanity in a bag

So, that’s it for now, y’all!  I’ve picked up some new words on this tour, and “y’all” is very handy.  I wonder what my Aussie mates would say if they heard me talk like this?

cheers, mate,
from Kass

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