A Walk in the Woods and another Fabric Store

G’day y’all!  It’s Kass again (I don’t let Cathy do the blog anymore!), with an update on our travels.

We’ve been very very busy in the last couple of weeks! But having some kind of fun, too.  Cathy and John took me back to Virginia for a few gigs, including Richmond, Grafton, Deltaville (where Cathy really enjoyed teaching a class in hexagons) and Hampton, and Harrisonburg – wayyy out west over the mountains.  But not the Rocky Mountains, like we drove over at the beginning of this odyssey, the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In Virginia, they call the area Shenandoah National Park, and the road goes right along the ridge, with spectacular views!  C&J told me they drove a bit of it years ago, but it was so foggy, they gave up after a while.  When we were on it (twice), it was chilly, but beautiful.  I was singing the whole way:  Oh Shenandoah, I long to seeeeeeeee yoooooouuuuuuu! Then Cathy told me to be quiet. Maybe she doesn’t like my voice?

There’s a famous walking trail that goes for 2,178 miles between Georgia and Maine.  It’s called the Appalachian Trail, and author Bill Bryson wrote a funny book about trying to walk it, which he called “A Walk in the Woods” (this was before he wrote about his Aussie travels: “In a Sunburned Country” – which he spelled wrong, didn’t he, mate?  Any dinky-die Aussie knows it’s “In a Sunburnt Country”!!!)  The Appalachian Trail snakes back and forth across Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Park, and we got a chance to take a little hop on it.

Me and Cathy at an Appalachian Trail entry marker.

I guess it could be fun to walk the entire trail, but C&J told me that there wasn’t time on this trip!  I told them I could meet them in Maine, but I think they can drive it faster than I can hop it!  We saw a few people walking on it, but I think they were doing day trips – their packs weren’t NEARLY big enough!  You’d see a lot of the country this way – wellll at least a lot of trees, mountaintops, skunks, wild turkeys, maybe BEARS.  As soon as they started talking about bears, I had a better idea, and decided to stay in the car with C&J.

Our friends Barb and Bill, after frantically trying to get their house ready to sell in Vienna, finally escaped to New York City for the weekend, and the first day it was on the market, the house sold!  They are just waiting for all the paperwork and inspections to get done, and they will be free to mess up the house again.  And pack to move west.  I really liked them.  C&J are happy that they will be living closer to them than Virginia  – they might just see them more often from now on!

This is the picture I took of Barb, Bill, C&J before we left!

We’re back in Pennsylvania again now.  We just drove through Mennonite country.  I’m told there are still people there who drive horse and buggies.  We didn’t see any, but we did see some quilts on the lines.

We stopped in at a fabric store (again?) that was recommended by Rosemary in Lebanon.  It’s called Burkholder’s Fabrics, and you can tell where it is by the big bolt of fabric at the roadside.

Can't Miss It!

Cathy was in there for a long time.  

When she came out, she said she had met the owner, and he had asked her to sing a song.  She did a part of THREE songs while she was there, and he gave her a real deal on fat quarters (whatever they are……), so that’s why she was there for so long!  I’ve seen quilter’s t-shirts that say “Will Work for Fabric”, but I didn’t know Cathy would do that too!

We’re staying in Pennsylvannia for another couple of days, before we go BACK to Virginia!  Who books these tours, anyway?  This’ll be the third time we’ll have been in Virginia!

Later, mates!

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