How Can You Tell You’re at a Quilting Event?

We’re back in Virginia!  Just when you thought it was safe to venture out to the Blue Mountains!

Cathy and John and I (Kass) drove back along I-81 to make an appearance at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters (  last night.  It’s an almost-last chance to see some of the familiar faces and friends that have made this part of the tour so much fun.  And were they ever ready to party!!!  We could tell we were at the right place by looking around the parking lot! This is how you can tell you’re at a quilting event:

Cathy got a private tour of the classrooms, thanks to Linda Quinn, one of the main organizers.  Clearly she had organized so well that she had heaps of time on her hands.  Cathy was happy to take up at least an hour of that time, with a tour of Smith Mountain Lake 4-H facility, where it all was taking place.  There, 160 quilters were happily having at it.

There were classes in all kinds of things, of course, and happy quilters working hard.  But the fun happened when they all got together at meals and evening events.  There was a huge “treasure chest” on stage, out of which lots of door prizes emerged for “needy” people.  And just when everyone thought it was empty, it turned out there was a false bottom on the chest, and a couple more prizes came out of thin air!  They sure know how to keep quilters happy!

Of course, the classes were great, and featured famous quilters like Pepper Cory (  and Karen Eckmeier (  (who just won a first prize in the home sewing machine category at Paducah).  Show and tell at the end was fantastic.  It was almost enough to make ME start quilting!  Can you see it?  Kass, the Kangaroo, at the sewing machine?  Why not, mate?

This afternoon we’re going to see some bluegrass musicians “jam”.  I can’t wait to see them spread jam all over themselves and try to play the banjo and mandolin!

Love, Kass

One Response to “How Can You Tell You’re at a Quilting Event?”

  1. Rebekah Crown Says:

    Those are very cool, I think I need a plate like that!

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