Shelburne Museum and Farms

A word from Kass (the Kangaroo)

We’ve been flat out since we left Virginia, and somewhere along the way both J&C picked up a wog (I guess you call that “flu”) They’ve been sniffling and coughing so much, I’ve barely been able to sleep a wink!  They’ve kept up a gruelling pace, too, with four shows and two classes in one week.  We’ve finally had a moment to catch our breaths up in Vermont.

We’ve been trailing spring since we got to Florida in March, and have seen more daffodils than I ever though possible.  I’m not much into flowers anyway, except if they taste good, and daffodils definitely DON’T. I’m more of a grass kinda guy, maybe a little lucerne for a change.  But the daffs are at least bright, and they sure announce their presence with YELLOW.  I think we’ve finally lost them, though.  Spring has sprung. (But there are still some tulips around. The deer like them.)

Remember when we were in Flagstaff, eons ago? Early March, I think. And I got to hop around in the snow?  I honestly didn’t think I’d see any more of the white stuff on this trip, but from the hotel room in Shelburne Vermont, we saw some coming down on Mother’s Day!  At first it looked like flower petals from the trees, but it sure was snow! And Cold? Blimey! It was enough to frost yer tail!

Cathy was very interested in visiting the Shelburne Museum while we are here. She’s making a hand-pieced little quilt out of 1/4″ hexagons (she’s daft, in my opinion, as well as everyone else who sees it), based on a quilt in the Museum’s collection, and she had hoped to see it while we are here.  But the Museum doesn’t open until Sunday.  That’s okay, everyone at the Burlington VT guild they sang for had “connections” at the Museum, and C got lots of suggestions, and one phone number.  She called them up yesterday and got an appointment to go in this morning.  So we all got up early to go and see Meagan, who was going to find out if the quilt was available. 

Of all the times in the year to come to the Museum, 6 days before opening is the absolute worst. Everyone is going crazy, getting everything done.  Meagan was very generous in her time, and got us passes and got the quilt house opened so we could see.  There were a lot of pretty quilts inside (Cathy really loved the huge collection of Crazy Quilts), but not the one she wanted to see.  It must be in storage.  They have so many quilt in the collection, they can only show a small portion.

We walked around the grounds, and heard about some of the exhibits they’ve had or are planning to have.  Last year, they noticed a real interesting cross section of attendees, between the Tiffany exhibit and the display of vintage motorcycles! This year they have Ansel Adams and Edward Burtynsky, as well as the Alzheimer’s: Forgetting Piece by Piece show, organized by Cathy’s friend Ami Sims.

Cathy had her little quilt with her, so we had to take one picture for posterity:

After, we visited the Shelburne Farms nearby, which was great fun.  We got to see a big house, beautiful grounds on the shore of Lake Champlain, a bunch of Brown Swiss cows (who make the milk they use for their cheeses – NOT chocolate milk, like I thought!), and hear all about Dr. William Seward and his wife Lila Vanderbilt Webb (yes, THAT Vanderbilt family!).  They are dedicated to sustainable farming as well as education, so the place was crawling with kids learning about making compost, how things grow, how to milk a cow, how to make cheese, etc. It was fun.  And there were great, wonderful fields of glorious, tender spring grass!!!  They wouldn’t let me out for very long to sample the good grub, but we spent a long time tasting the cheese made on the property from unpasteurized milk.  It’s a place I could spend a long time.

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