Now that we are back to Cathy and John’s home, it’s only a matter of days before I start my next adventure. That’s a good thing, because when they are home, they are really really boring! They’re just sitting around at their desks, working, not driving or anything. We don’t eat out in restaurants any more, don’t see new people every day, don’t get to sleep in a different bed every night. That’s it! I’m ready to leave!Cathy says as soon as she finishes the book of my travels for Margaret, that’s it for me – I’ll be winging my way across the Atlantic to meet my new family. I certainly hope they can keep up the same pace! So now, it’s all about farewells.
Cathy took me to the Victoria Quilters’ Guild meeting this week, so that everyone could say goodbye.


Then it was “See Ya Later” to my friends who live with C&J. There are two Little Penguins from Australia (one of them has actually MET Margaret and tells me that my new home will have other penguins for me to play with!), an oystercatcher, and a puffin from Newfoundland. 

I have a few favourite pictures from the last four months that I thought you should see, before I say “Later, Mate” for one last time.

Here I am at Lake Placid NY, trying on some snow skis.

With a Manatee (who has a very important job with the Post Office) on Ana Maria Island, Florida

With Cathy and Famous Quilter Valerie Hearder in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

With John’s daughter, Sara, and my friends Jake and Sadie in Oliver, British Columbia

So, I guess that’s it then.  It’s been a gas. I’ve enjoyed letting you know about my travels and adventures. I reckon I should let Cathy do the blog again now – I don’t think Margaret is going to be doing much on the Internet.  So long, North America, Hooroo, England!

See ya later, Mate!  Love, Kass









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