Day 4 – my guitar parts finished

I’ve just had a marvellous evening.  I set up a dinner at a Greek restaurant with about 7 friends who live here.  Most of them had a firm connection to the time I spent in Ottawa between 1973 and 1990, and it was amazing to revisit some of the memories. I shared an apartment with two of them (at separate times), sang with two of them, did theatre with a couple of them, wrote songs with one of them (in 1971!!!) and taught one of them singing (and she’s still singing, beautifully).  It was a great evening. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic tonight.  How interestingly we live our lives, and grow.  We are all much older than when we first met, and I’m delighted to see how the youngsters have become the adults.  Most of us have a few more lines in our faces, and use glasses to read the menus,and maybe we haven’t ended up where we thought we would be when we first met.  Surely this is the best stage of life: fairly sure of ourselves, established in our chosen areas, having dealt with most of our demons from our youth.  No longer trying to impress, just being with each other.  How wonderful to have had the chance to spend this time with all of them.

And a bit of celebration on my part for having finished recording my guitar tracks today.  I had left the hard ones to be done today, probably not such a good idea, but there you go.  The Celtic ballad, the very fast Irish jig, the bluesy vintage rock song, and the jazz standard style song.  I passed along some of the playing to Paul – who is a very good guitar player, and happy to help.  He did an absolutely spectacular part on the Oak Leaf (the Celtic ballad), which brought a tear to my eye.  I couldn’t have done anything like it, and it was what I had hoped for. The jig is lightning fast, and I can barely sing it, much less play at the same time.  I’ll have to practice it before I sing it on stage ….  By asking Paul to play the parts, we finished it all in time.   Thanks, Paul! (I have to watch what I say about him here, because he’s reading it too… 😉 )

So, now I’m off the hook for a little while.  I will put on my listening ears and help the production process.  Tomorrow morning I’ll meet Russ, the bass player.  He’ll be doing some songs that don’t involve drums, and so we are having him come in for a session on his own.  He’ll work for 3 hours in the morning. After lunch “Curly Boy Stubbs” (Paul’s guitar-playing alter-ego) will do his parts.  This will involve some banjo, some screaming electric guitar, and other guitar parts.  I KNOW he’s going to try to talk me into putting some ukulele on one of the tracks, too.  It’s his signature….  I wonder which one it’ll be?

One Response to “Day 4 – my guitar parts finished”

  1. Barbara Tricarico Says:

    Whew! You deserve that celebratory dinner with your old friends…and I hope you had some wine to go with it. Relax a little, although I know there’s more to be done!!! Thanks for sharing.

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