Day 12 – Mixing, mixing, mixing

This will be a short one:  today we mixed 7 songs.  They sound wonderful.  Paul is great at this. I’m very happy. We leave tomorrow to go home, and there are only 5 more songs to do.  That means we’ll probably have them finished before we leave!

The crazy quilt is almost finished too.  Isn’t that neat, that they are completed at the same time?  Good planning, I guess. We’ll take some pictures tomorrow so Paul can start working on the artwork after we leave.

At the end of the day today, we spoke about doing another project together – this time, a songbook.  I’ve been thinking about putting together a book of the history songs, like The Rajah Quilt, Quilt of Names (WWII Canadian Red Cross quilts), Time Flies (WWII Changi Gaol quilts), etc.  I get occasional requests for sheet music, and have started to combine the two ideas together.  Why not write a book that had the stories, with pictures, etc, PLUS the sheet music, PLUS maybe the odd quilting pattern, if you wanted to make your own version of the quilts. It could be quite thick, if we include all the songs from the 5 quilting cds.  Is this a good idea?  Would you buy one?  How much would you be prepared to pay for it? (this is called “Market Research”!!!) 

Obviously, Paul has not had enough of working with me…. I’d have thought he’d be sick of me by now!

More mixing tomorrow, and a big plane ride.  Home again, home again, getting ready for the quilting cruise to Alaska.  No time to rest! But what a wonderful thing we’ve accomplished in the last 2 1/2 weeks!


3 Responses to “Day 12 – Mixing, mixing, mixing”

  1. Peggi Says:

    Hmmm…. Songbook with quilting patterns. Like the one that I emailed you about years ago? Maybe really happening? Yay!

  2. Peggi Says:

    I’m looking forward to it – and waiting to buy the first copy! 😉

    Autographed, of course! LOL

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