Day thirteen, and it’s done!

Yesterday was day 13 in this wonderful process – the happiest and the saddest day all at once.  Happiest, because we got all the tracks mixed and they sound fantastic.  Saddest, because 5 minutes after Paul made me a CD of all our work, John and I left to drive to the airport to come home.  It’s over.  I love the process of making a CD, and wish I could do it more often. I love the camaraderie, the intense listening and learning, the performing, working with wonderful musicians, and hanging out with Santa Claus.

Oh, I didn’t tell you: Paul has been mistaken for Santa Claus on occasion! 

During the mixing, he gently mentioned that there is only one picture of him in this blog (and that is when he’s adjusting the microphone for Bob De Angelis). I am about to rectify this situation.  I sure don’t want him to feel left out, because, in his role as Producer,  he’s at the centre of this, and every one of the last 3 CDs. It’s his vision of what my music (and I) should sound like that creates what you hear.  To accomplish his vision, he helps me “massage” my songs (ie suggesting new chords, pointing out lyrics that don’t make sense, or don’t scan), adds guitar/banjo/mandolin/ukulele/percussion tracks, tells me to sing quieter, suggests to all the musicians what parts to play, writes the charts, arranges the string section, tells a joke, makes lunch, sets up the microphones and the recording console, hits the right buttons at the right time, gives a compliment, encourages, decides on whether there’s time to do one more track, creates solo tracks from many attempts, and figures out how to get everything mixed before we have to catch a plane.  And that’s not the half of it: we’re going to be listening to what we’ve done over the next few days to make sure the mixes are right. Then Paul will spend a day or two mastering the CD so it sounds just as good as any other CD in the world, at the same time as he will be designing the artwork for the project.  Yesterday he took pictures in the back garden of John and I (which you’ll see on the CD), plus a few of the finished crazy quilt I’ve been working on as we recorded. How would you like to have a job like this?

AND – once this project has been “put to bed”, we’re talking about continuing to work together on a songbook.  Oh, there are lots more things to do!

Okay, so who is this guy?  Here’ are some pictures of Paul (and his alias, Curly Boy Stubbs, when he’s playing an instrument) in action:

Curly Boy Stubbs on guitar

CBS on mandolin, playing on "Treat It Right"

Going a little crazy on banjo (that'll happen!)

Multi-tasking on percussion

Me and Santa - er, Paul - all finished!

Thanks, Paul, for the great time.  Looking forward to working with you again.

If you would like to learn more about The Millstream and their services, here’s the website:

4 Responses to “Day thirteen, and it’s done!”

  1. Barbara Tricarico Says:

    Paul is THE MAN! What a talent!!! You were lucky to find him, Cathy. Can’t wait to hear the CD now that I’ve followed it’s making every step of the way.

    BTW, good job on the blog!

  2. Janet Says:

    Thanks for letting me join you on this journey – very interesting! Hope to hear some of these songs on the cruise.

  3. ozjane Says:

    Well done…..someone posted a utube of hiding the stash and I posted it with a photo of you singing here and my very grateful feelings that I did not at that stage have the disgraceful stash I have now.
    If I sewed as much as I bought it would be fine………
    I can just imagine that fabulous process.
    I made a small tape once at a home studio with a couple of professional musos and it was just fabulous. We drove home at 5 am one morning.
    I sang..they played….I loved it.

  4. Pat Leask Says:

    I wondered too why I hadn’t seen any pictures of “Curly Boy Stubbs” or Santa – but looks like you’ve made up for it here – what talent! Is there any instrument he can’t play – in addition to all the production elements of the CD???
    Can’t wait to hear it – have a wonderful time on the cruise!

    Pat L.

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