So, why isn’t the CD out already, you may ask? Because there’s still some more stuff to do!

Although I left Toronto with a single CD of the recording burning a hole in my hand, it’s not quite finished yet. Since we got home, I’ve been listening to the songs we mixed, listening for things that stick out, or aren’t there enough. Listening for things in the mix that might be improved.  Paul has been doing that, too, and today he sent 5 remixes that he’s done, for my comments.  All of them sound better now.

We’ve also been working on the album artwork. Over the years, I’ve had emails from people who have the CDs, but don’t know that all the lyrics are inside.  They just think that bit of paper with the album cover on it is just the the cover!  But: if you slip the booklet out of the sleeve, you’ll find a lot of things inside! I put all my lyrics in there, so you can sing along with the CD.  I also include as much of the stories behind the songs as I can – there is limited space, but we can always fit some of the stories there.  We’re working on which images we’ll use to illustrate the songs – I’m thrilled that Esther Bryan has sent us a picture of the Quilt of Belonging for us to use.  I’m tracking down a picture (actually, a stereograph…) of the Coffee Tree Quilt for the song “Martha”.  And Claudia Crump in Panguitch Utah has made a lovely quilt illustrating the Panguitch Quilt Walk, which I hope we can use.

Paul has found a picture of a laundry chute with a piece of fabric sticking out (I’m not telling you which song that’s for – you’ll have to wait!).  He’s designing the booklet with a textured background for each page, like a piece of cloth. It’s looking beautiful.  When he’s finished laying everything out, we’ll proofread it to death (there’ll still be a typo or two – there ALWAYS are!), and decide on what we want on the CD itself, on the outside of the package, and on the inside.

I have already started the process to obtain permissions from the publishing companies to record the two songs I didn’t write: one by Frank Loesser (The Sewing Machine) and one by Hal David and Leon Carr (Little Crazy Quilt).  There’s a company here in Canada that handles that for us artists: CMRRA.  I’ve never dealt with them before, since I usually contact the writer of the songs directly, so that’s a bit new for me.

Last year John and I decided to re-do all the artwork for the quilting CDs so there is no plastic involved.  It’s our way of keeping our plastic consumption down – where will all that plastic go, in the end? We’re planning to do the same on this album.  There are other benefits of getting rid of the jewel cases: it’s a lot lighter to ship, and there are fewer breakages in the mail.  All good reasons to switch over.  We actually get one EXTRA panel to fill when we do this, and that means more photographs for you to enjoy.

Once we’ve checked everything eighteen times, decided on colours of borders and CD printing, laid out all the lyrics, thank yous, and credits on the CD booklet template (that’s Paul’s job), then we’ll send it off to be manufactured.  It’s usually about a 3-week process plus shipping before the boxes arrive on my doorstep.  They will be here in time for our October tour to California, but not in time for the quilting cruise to Alaska in a couple of weeks. 

Oh – I’d better start practicing the new songs for that, too.  Just because I’ve recorded them, it doesn’t mean that I KNOW them yet for performance! 

So, that’s what I’m doing these days!  And I’m cutting kits for the classes I’ll be teaching on the cruise to Alaska on September 11th.  I really want to get the CD in for manufacturing before we leave.

It’s feeling like autumn here in Victoria. That always gives me an extra bit of energy.

Do you want to see the album cover? Here it is!


One Response to “Post-Production”

  1. Peggi Says:

    Paul Mills is an amazing musician and person (but don’t tell him I said so!). I’m looking forward to buying your new CD as soon as it’s available.

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