Tomorrow, we’ll send the CD off to be manufactured. It should take three weeks from then, plus some travel time to get the boxes from Ontario to British Columbia.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks since we got home from recording. I can’t tell you how excited I am about all this.  I’m really happy with how the songs have turned out: the performances, the mixing it all together, and now, the mastering.  All of a sudden it sounds TERRIFIC! I hope everyone else will enjoy it too. I’m hoping everyone who listens to it listens first through a set of really good headphones, or on a great set of speakers.  It’ll be worth it.

From here on in, all energies turn to promotion, so that people find out about it. That will involve lots of emailing, sending the disc to radio stations, magazines, and various people who have helped put it together – including a fan on Facebook who suggested a great line for me to include in “Treat it Right”, as I was writing it!  I’ve got the CD “launch” booked for the Satin Moon Quilt shop in October (please let there be CDs to show them then!!!), and a whole list of emails to send a notification to: people who asked to be notified during the spring tour.

We have received the first pre-order for the CD, from England!  The info is up on the website now at I think it’s safe now to tell everyone that it’s there.  I’ve been waiting till we get the thing in to manufacturing.

Paul will send the files over to the manufacturer tomorrow, and I will take care of the mundane things like – um – paying for it!

All is well. Soon, I’ll be back to normal, and will be able to return to quilting.  I don’t have to write another song for a while!!! I can plant the winter garden, and clean the house, and dodder around like a normal person again.  AFTER the cruise!

Next job?  PACKING for Alaska!

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