The CDs have left the factory!

Just a quick note this time.  The final part of making a CD is waiting for it to arrive.  I have just received notification that 500 of my new CDs are now in a truck, being driven across Canada to Victoria.  They should arrive Thursday or Friday this week – IN TIME FOR THE CD LAUNCH!!! (unbelievable).

So….. if you are travelling along the Trans Canada highway this week, watch for a very important Purolator truck.  Don’t cut it off, nor hold it up in any way. Let him cut in front of you, allow him to make that left hand turn in heavy traffic.  Give him a friendly wave, and help him on his way!  Please don’t get into a traffic accident ahead of him, so that there are many hours’ wait.  Don’t do a rain dance which will bring the torrential downpours that wash out the roads.  No hail dances either! Wish for good weather over the windswept Prairies, mountain passes and down towards Vancouver.  No high seas across on the ferry, either.  Just clear sailing. Wish for quiet motel rooms for the driver, so he is sharp on his travels – no falling asleep at the wheel and drifting off the road!  And quick service at the restaurants he stops at along the way.  The journey is fraught with potential delays!

This might be the very truck that will deliver my CDs!

A good place to watch for him is at the Nipigon bridge, just east of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  All vehicle traffic in Canada going from one side to the other goes over that bridge, and you could stop Canada in its tracks by interfering with it.  PLEASE DON’T UNTIL I GET MY CDS!!!

I thank you.

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