Making a Difference

Some of you may know that I wrote a song several years ago called “Healing Hearts”.  It was my friend Jenny’s story: during her second encounter with breast cancer,  reaching out to the Australia/New Zealand on-line group called Southern Cross Quilters, and the wonderful response when they heard her story.  Many on-line quilting groups do similar endeavours: sending members 6 1/2″ appliqued heart blocks with messages of support and love (even if they do not know the person).

There has been a new call, and I know that many people have already expressed support for it.  After the horrible mine explosion in New Zealand, they are collecting hearts for quilts for the families of the men who died.  This is a tangible and wonderful way to make a difference.  Recipients of the hearts always talk about how helpful the support is for them in their time of grieving.

For details on this project, and to follow the progress, the website is 

Healing hearts are 6 1/2″ squares of cream calico with some sort of heart on it.  You can write your name, country, or any words of support on the block.  You can make more than one.  You can even make a whole quilt and send it along.  Then send it/them to:

Shirley Goodwin
51 Charles St
Rangiora 7400
New Zealand

I’m going to make mine today.

Happy stitching!

3 Responses to “Making a Difference”

  1. Karen O Says:

    When I did a call for hearts for my friend, Sharon, I received a few with fabrics that indicated where the sender was from. One had Norwegian (or was it Swedish?) horses on them. I will try to get a few done…maybe with a local theme fabric on them. Space Needles, maybe? 🙂

  2. Carmen Huerta Says:

    Please , I would like to make some hearts but I don´t understand the measures,could anybody tell me them in centimetres ?Waiting your notices ,I love your music and I think that hearts tell to that poor families who lost their loves will be more warm.Thanks for permitt me to be a part of it.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hello Carmen: I believe 6 1/2″ is 16.5 cm. This will mean the block, when pieced together with the other blocks, will finish at just over 15cm. My Aussie friends – is that correct?

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