Bits and Bobs

Snow is falling today in Victoria.  Big fluffy flakes, with about 6 inches already on the ground.  It’s a good day to quilt! 

John is clearing off the driveway as I'm writing this blog.

I’ve had my head down for the last few weeks, working.  We’re still home, but the upcoming tour to Australia and New Zealand is imminent, and there’s still much to be done.  It’s always challenging to get ready for a tour, but even moreso when we’ve been home for so long.  Our “home” habits are firmly ensconced now, and we’ll definitely be pulling up roots to leave.

There’ve been a few good news things coming my way, lately.  I’m delighted that I’ve been selected as one of the teachers at the Houston Quilt Festival  this year!  John and I will be singing at a lecture on Friday (5-6pm), and I’ll be teaching my Mock Mola Applique class on Sunday morning.  John will be taking care of the booth while I’m off swanning around the festival – being a “Vanna” for Ami Simms and the Alzheimers Art Quilts Initiative, performing at a “Meet The Teachers” moment, looking at quilts, etc. If you’ve never been to Houston, it is a bit of a Mecca for quilters, always overwhelming and exciting with amazing quilts and gear and friends from all over the world.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the teaching team for the first time!

This year we’ll also be singing at the Association of Pacific West Quilters show in Tacoma WA for the first time, and at the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival in Utah, where we’ll be doing the song I wrote about the original event from 1864. And we’re very excited about our first gig in France at European Patchwork in September. Complete details are on my website.

We have pictures of most of the Caribbean Quilting Cruise classes up on the website now on Sharon’s website  The classes are very exciting, and Susan, Daphne and I are looking forward to it.  It’s going to be a very busy time, and fun, fun FUN!

And finally, I’ve just received word that a couple of my songs are going to be used in “Stitched”, a documentary film about three world-class quilters: Caryl Bryer Fallert, Hollis Chatelaine and Randall Cook, as they are followed around for a year by a film crew. Since I’m a huge fan Caryl and Hollis, in particular (I don’t know Randall), I’m delighted that my music will be a part of it.

I’m still working on my new songbook.  All the music is scored, the chords are charted, and the blurbs are written.  Photographs are coming in, and things are getting done! I’m planning to go to print this summer, so it will be ready for our fall touring. I am planning to include ALL the stories from ALL the songs I’ve recorded in the last ten years.  70 songs in all.  I will definitely keep you up to date as things progress.

One Response to “Bits and Bobs”

  1. Dee Soden Says:

    nice to know you are back in Australia.
    You wouldn’t happen to be going to Kiama at SCQ retreat time would you?

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