Girls with Guitars

We had a great time in Ipswich last night.  We were in a 150 year old Anglican church – the oldest Anglican church in Queensland.  It exuded history, located in a largish country town (smallish country city?) where they know how to be friendly, inclusive and welcoming.

Our stage at St. Paul's Church in Ipswich

We were supposed to be a part of the Ipswich Festival, but because of the Queensland floods which significantly affected the town, the festival has been moved to May 18-29.  That they went ahead anyway with our concert was impressive.  Instead of all the quilts they normally have hung all around the church, they organized to have a display of the newly-judged Queensland Quilters Challenge quilts for everyone to see, and they were magnificent!

Queensland Quilters challenge quilts 1

Queensland Quilters challenge quilts 2

Queensland Quilters challenge quilts 3

The original fabric was very sea-like, with mermaids playing blue guitars (I loved that part!) and blue fish.  Quilters were VERY creative in fussy-cutting this fabric to make whatever they wanted, including dragonflies, landscapes, a reproduction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, even a peacock.  Still, I have never been in a room with so many girls with guitars!  Here’s what one quilter did with the girls:

Girls with Guitars!

Although there were quite a few “non-quilters” there last night, everyone seemed to enjoy the show.  The evening started with a wine and cheese, and everyone stayed afterwards for our concert, which was a good sign.  We had over a hundred people!  Kudos to Verna and the rest of the Craft group for great organization and ticket sales.

On our way back to Brisbane today, we stopped by the SE Queensland SCQuilters get together.  This is the on-line Australia/New Zealand quilting discussion group I belong to.  There are well over 2000 members, and there are local GTGs all over the country.  I’ve never been to this one before, and it was great to put faces to some familiar names.  I got a chance to get some 1/4″ hexes done too, which was great – the roads here haven’t been very conducive to sewing…..


I even found some sympatico Hexaholics!  They’re everywhere……

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