Barossa Valley

We’ve had an extra day in the Adelaide area, so we decided today to drive up to the Barossa Valley.  This is one of Australia’s premiere wine areas, and we’ve been here before.

It was a spectacular autumn day, and the colours around the Adelaide hills were lovely.

Fall colours in Aldgate

There are lots of familiar winery names in this area, if you are fond of Australian wines: Peter Lehman, Penfolds, Jacob’s Creek, and Wolf Blass, plus many more that we don’t ever see in Canada. We decided to stop at Kellermeister Wines, because we’d heard of their wonderful Sable chocolate port.  We’ll be bringing a bottle of this home with us. Yum! The employee who was helping us choose at the Cellar Door tasting told us about their version of Ice wine (or Eiswein), something we thought was only made in Canada or Germany.  Here, they harvest the grapes at night, when it’s cooler, and crush them.  Then they freeze them in a big vat, as if it were the depths of winter in Canada.  I think that’s cheating!

From there, we went on to Jacob’s Creek winery.  It has a huge operation, and the tasting room was open!  We are here during the annual wine festival, and each winery seems to have a display by the road in honour of the event.  Here’s what Jacob’s Creek looked like:

Jacob's Creek winery entrance

The grounds were beautiful around the estate.  Grapes for as far as the eye could see!  There were lots of people around, doing bus trips and driving private cars.  The festival is very popular, especially at the larger wineries.  When we asked about this year’s crop, they told us the white wines were not affected by the extra rain they received.  I think the reds were, though.  We still saw many grapes on the vines, which means they won’t be harvesting them this year.  It’s always challenging, growing grapes.

The first time we visited the area, we found a quilt shop (as you do!).  We headed up to Angaston to see if they were still there, and were happy to see that they are still thriving.  Barossa Quilt and Craft Cottage calls itself Australia’s only “licenced” quilt shop – they have a tasting area in the quilt display area!

In behind the shop (which has a wonderful selection of Jinny Beyer fabrics) there is a separate building where they can do quilt shows.  We happened to be there during their annual show, and it was really impressive.

They've set this up to be a wonderful space to display quilts!

 We saw at least one familiar name among the makers:  Michelle Hill is a specialist in William Morris designs.  There were several of her exquisite quilts displayed.

A whole corner of Michele Hill quilts on display!

All in all, it was a great day!


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