I found my roses!

Happy day.  After almost two weeks of work in the garden, I can see my roses again!  Whew! Just in time, before we head out on tour again!

I took a few pictures, because it’s not going to look like this when we get home.

There ARE rose bushes! And the roses will be there when we return.


When we get home, this will all be edible.


These artichokes are almost ready now.

Big negative, though: the strawberries are very plentiful this year, but they’re not QUITE ready yet…. *sigh* They’ll be gone by the time we get back…

We are on our way to Port Coquitlam tomorrow, then on to the Panguitch quilt walk festival, where I’ll sing my new song “Panguitch” for them.  La Habra California and Flagstaff Arizona are also on the list of concerts.  And – the best part – I’ll be teaching a class (or two) in each and every place we’re going!  Look forward to some new Mock Mola creations.  I can’t wait!


5 Responses to “I found my roses!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Have a great trip…….let’s hope there are plenty of vegetables for you when you return!

  2. Karen O Says:

    Hey Cathy! Great work on the garden! I love the idea of gardening, but I never quite get the momentum to actually do any gardening. Ah well. I’ll eat your share of strawberries–we just have flowers now in our patch. Flowers and lots of rain. Dang. Have fun at the quilt walk festival! I really love that song. How’s the other song writing going?

  3. singingquilter Says:

    Hi Karen – I’ve been working hard on the songbook these days – no songwriting at all! But now that we’re down to final proofreading, maybe I can soon get back to it. I still have your Patchwork Pirates song to write, don’t I? lol

  4. jan Says:

    Hey Cathy – looks marvelous – please stop by here to help me! I think this year is going to be ‘Garden fend for yourself’ year. Well it did rain for over forty days…took the desire out of me. Got chicks again though so will love to see them floating through the greenery – they are my moveable garden…

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