Freezer Dyeing

For those of you who receive this blog via email, you will have noticed yesterday that the text petered out about halfway, while the photographs continued.  My apologies.  When I published it, the last half of the text disappeared!  If you’d like to read the rest of it, visit the main blog at

We are spending a few days with our friend Wendy in Flagstaff.  Wendy is a very talented art quilter, and a seeker, through eastern and southwest native sprituality.  It’s always wonderful to spend time with her.   If you’d like to see some of her work, I suggest you visit her blog at or check out the latest issue of American Quilter magazine, where her labyrinth quilts are featured.

She has suggested that we do some dyeing while we’re here, and I’m all for that.  She lives in Flagstaff Arizona, and I followed her blog when she was snow dyeing in January.  It’s too hot for that now, but it’s still possible to use the cold to get some interesting results.

Last night we prepared the fabric.  Using fat quarters from PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric – no sizing, no chemicals, etc – we soaked the fabric in a solution of 1 cup soda ash to 1 gallon of water for 1/2 hour.  Then we squeezed out the fabric and scrunched, folded, swirled and twisted the fat quarters into various shapes.  They went carefully into baggies, and then into the freezer.

They’ll be in the freezer until Saturday, when we’ll get the dyes out and start playing.  They’ll be frozen solid by that time.  The dye will be squirted directly onto the frozen fabric in the baggies, then left to thaw over the course of the day.  We’ll wash with Synthrapol and detergent until the water runs clear – and find out what we have created! Easy peasy!

Fabric in the Freezer

Watch this space for the results.

One Response to “Freezer Dyeing”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I recognize that freezer! And I have some other ideas for the dye fest! WooHoo!

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