Our last night of the tour. Ashland Oregon.

We spent a couple of nights with our good friends Barb and Bill, who moved west from Virginia a year ago.  Well, it was close to a year, so we brought champagne to celebrate.  They are planning to host a house concert for us later in the year, so she invited us to tag along with her to the Rogue Art Quilters’ meeting to introduce us to the group.  I was very interested to see what they were doing.

It was the “unveiling” night of their challenge.  The theme was travel, and each one had to have a 1″ strip of purple fabric entering somewhere on the left side, and exiting somewhere on the right.  It could do anything in between the two edges, like become palm trees or anything else.  They showed 17 pieces that evening, which will be hung in the local bank for the next three months.

Then they laid the small quilts out on the floor to see how they will look when they are hung.  Each of the purple lines will connect so it looks like the line is traveling from one end of the display to the other.  What a great way to organize a challenge!

Balancing colour, theme and purple strips.

I wish I lived closer to Ashland, so I could join this group!  Their new challenge will be in honour of the Shakespearean Festival, which Ashland is famous for.  I have all kinds of ideas…

We will be back to Ashland this fall.  We’ll be doing a show and a class for the Grants Pass group.  The Ashland Art Quilters want me to come and teach them a class of Mock Mola, too – I showed one of my pieces to them and they were very interested in the technique.

For those of you who have been following the saga of the 1/4″ hexagon project.  The BIG news is:


And am I happy!!!  I sewed the sleeve and label on as we drove north from Ashland towards the ferry home.  Three and a half years with this piece.  Too long.  I’m waiting to hear if it will be accepted into the Houston quilt show.  I’ll let you know……


3 Responses to “Our last night of the tour. Ashland Oregon.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Yay….good news about your hexagons! When do we get to see a pic? Or are you not allowed to show it before exhibiting it at Houston – is that in their rules?

    • singingquilter Says:

      I don’t think there is a prohibition against showing the quilt before – I haven’t heard yet if it has been accepted. I’ll take a pic today and show you, Jennifer!

  2. Michelle Says:

    OMG! You finished it! Congratulations! Hope it gets accepted.

    And guess what? We are headed to the US in October/November (rather than Japan). Not sure we’ll get up your way, and I’m trying hard to convince Scott we should got to Houston. Shall keep you posted.

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