Up Close Picture of Hexagons

Thanks, everyone,  for all your comments on my last post!  Some of you wanted to see some up-close pictures of the piece, so here they are:

The edges are finished with another row of hexes, then turned to the back and appliqued down.


4 Responses to “Up Close Picture of Hexagons”

  1. Mandy Currie Says:

    I never thought of finishing my hexagon quilt that way, so thank you for the idea. I really love your work, can hardly believe working on something so small. My poor hex quilt has been laid aside for the last three years. I had a problem keeping the hexs from coming apart, only now have I discovering that starting and ending of each seam should be double stitches for strength. One of these days I’ll get it out again. Well done on such a beautiful piece of work.

    • singingquilter Says:

      Hi Mandy – yes, I’ve been taking an extra loop in the thread before I pull it through at the end of each seam too. It holds the stitches together, while I “travel” the thread through to the next sewing edge. I hope you get back to your hexes – I’m sure you’ve invested lots of time in them already. It would be a shame to waste it.

  2. Norma Says:

    I am in awe. Truly.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Just gorgeous! Now…..when do you start the next one? *grin*

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