Travel Talk – follow up

Well, the presentation to the Victoria Quilters Guild was last night, and I survived!  It felt VERY strange to not be holding my guitar, just a few pages with the slides written on it, and a few notes.  After Jan’s comment from the last post, I changed my whole presentation to focus on stories, and it seemed to be well received, although I did get several comments that they would have like to have heard me sing too.  One woman talked her husband into coming to the meeting, just to hear me sing! Sorry…..

I started with where we’ve been and added a very few pictures of those countries (Great Ocean Road and Sydney Opera House for Australia, Doubtful Sound and Rotorua for New Zealand, etc.) Then I described the vehicles we drive/fly/sail in – with the mgp to explain why we now travel in our VW Jetta diesel station wagon (50 mpg) most of the time.

Doubtful Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Then, to the focus for me: the history stories.  I showed them the Rajah quilt tale which I have followed from Australia to Canada to England and back to Australia.  The Quilt of Names (WWII Canadian Red Cross quilt) story started and ended in Hilton Beach, Ontario via England and South Africa. And the very special friendship between Jenny Lanham, Pam Luke, and me – along with two songs I wrote about their stories (Healing Hearts and Nine Months). I finished up with a quick summary of Kass the Kangaroo’s travels on our ‘Round North America tour last year, some pics from our cruises, and a brief look at what’s coming up for us (France, Houston, Caribbean).

Pam, Jenny and me with Jenny's Healing Hearts quilt in Weatherford Texas

I woke up this morning with the post mortem (I always do this!).  It usually involves everything I SHOULD have said or forgot to say, and this time it was:  those people who wanted to hear me sing can hear me on August 21st at the first Fibrations Festival at St. Anne’s Academy ( here in Victoria.  I hope they read it here….

Anyway, I feel like a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders, after this is (successfully) over.  Now, I can get back to some stitching and translating what I’m going to say at the European Patchwork conference next month in France.

Oh – yesterday I signed off on the final proofs for the songbook, so it’s all in the printer’s hands now.  Waiting, waiting……


3 Responses to “Travel Talk – follow up”

  1. Jan Rhoades Says:

    Hello and well done. A load off your mind and shoulders and I know everyone would have loved your stories.

    Was the Jan referred to ‘me Jan?’ If so, I’m glad I was able to put in my 2 cents worth.

    Still cold in Queensland. I can’t believe it – August and we are still lighting the heater!!! Roll on warm weather (so I can whinge about the heat) – VBG
    Fond regards to both of you.

  2. zoom Says:

    Hi Cathy. You may not remember me, but I was one of your roommates on McLeod Street in Ottawa about 35 years ago. I recently took my first quilting course, and I’m hooked. My boyfriend is too. We’re both obsessed with quilting, so we spend a lot of time just looking at quilts on the net, which is how we ended up on your site. It took me a few minutes before I realized our connection. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and I think it’s wonderful that you were able to create such a comfortable musical niche for yourself, one that takes you all over the world in pursuit of something you love.


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