Heading south

And just in the nick of time!  We woke yesterday and today to frost on the car – we had to scrape it off the windscreen before we could drive.  Brrr!  I remember going out Trick or Treating when I was growing up in London Ontario, and even in Ottawa, and you always needed your long johns underneath the costume.  It’s a good time to be heading south.

We had a great week in Ontario, singing in Aurora and Barrie, and teaching a Mock Mola class in Newmarket for the Region of York Quilters Guild.  We had a full-day class to play with the pieces.  I couldn’t entice anyone this time to try the Notan, but they had some other wonderful ideas.  Here’s the end of the day picture. (Thanks, John)

We had a very enjoyable day.  When we broke for lunch, Cheryl told me a great story about a friend who has now retired from the Toronto school system.  She was a principal in an inner city school that had lots of gang action.  When they were talking one day about quilting, she started referring to quilting “patches” and other gang terminology that fits perfectly with our passion.  Cheryl is going to ask her friend to send me more gang terms and maybe there’ll be a song in this one!  (Now I have to figure out how to write a rap song!!!)

Another – very powerful – story from this week:  a quilter went to visit a friend who she knew quilted, who also had escaped from a very abusive marriage.  She saw a quilt on her wall, and asked “What’s in this quilt?”  The friend looked strangely at her and asked why she would ask such a question.  What was inside each block of the quilt was an old love letter (pre-husband).  She hid them inside the quilt because if her husband had found them, she believed he would have killed her.

Wow. That story stopped me in my tracks.

We’ve had a very good week, seeing friends, family (my nephew came to our show in Barrie, as did two old friends) (we also stayed with my cousin Christopher and his wife Susan).  We rented a sound system for our shows in Barrie and Aurora, got a radio repaired, had the front wheel bearing fixed on the car, printed up some more patterns for Houston, and fit more boxes into the car.  I even got time to fit in a workout at Curves! Today we crossed back over to the US and stopped in to see my cousin Lynne in Columbus.  We’re in Florence, Kentucky tonight.  The Florence water tower has a big sign on it: “Florence, Y’all!” We’re back in the South, just like that. Now: two more full days of driving till we get to Houston!

My nephew Andrew and I in Barrie - he's really tall!

The next report will come from the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Woo hoo!  Here we come!

3 Responses to “Heading south”

  1. Daphne Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you here in Houston.

  2. Debebie Alley Says:

    please post your booth number for Houston

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