Blogged about!

Since we got home a few weeks ago, I haven’t had much to tell you.  We’re catching up with friends, our dentists, eye doctors, etc., as well as nesting in our own place for a while.  There’s much to do, including buying a new car!

The beige one is gone now - the new one is blue!

I’ve been very happy to get back into the sewing room, working on putting together the kits for the two full-day classes I’ll be teaching in January on the Caribbean cruise.  I’ve made a baby quilt for my nephew’s first child (they loved it!)

My quilt is already keeping Sadie warm! She'll grow into it.....

My friend Susan Purney Mark has just done a blog “interview” with me.  If you’re interested, check it out on Susan’s blog

I hope your Christmas preparations are well in hand.  I’ve decided to take it easy this year, and have been saying “no” more, when potentially stressful things are presented to me, or when I’m getting too busy.  We have a very quiet Christmas planned.  The Christmas presents are all but completed, and we’re going to continue to keep a low profile until we leave again in early January.

May you have a rich and joyful holiday season, helping when you can and staying out of the way when you can’t.  Eat in moderation, drink the same, and tell someone how much you value them.  Be safe, and take care.

See you in the New Year!



4 Responses to “Blogged about!”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    Merry warm Christmas to you and John – I hope you have a wonderful time (are having!). And all the very best for 2012 – now that I have had some surgery I may indeed be back fighting fit and to my old lively self (2 weeks ago – massive cyst on my liver that made me truly look 8 months pregnant – some of the symptoms of those things are chronic fatigue and achy joints. Who would have thought it?) so hopefully will be up and about in 2012. Lots of love and hugs, Jasmine xxxxx

  2. Michelle Says:

    Merry Christmas Cathy and John! Hope your day is lovely and peaceful. Was wonderful seeing you again earlier this year, but I only wish I had been more “with it” when you were here!

    Will see you soon no doubt.

    Michelle and Scott xx

  3. singingquilter Says:

    Hi Michelle – I hope all your medical issues are in the past and you can look forward to a happy, healthy 2012! We’ll be back in Australia in June/July but will spend it mostly in Qld, alas. Next time! Love to both of you, and happy holidays.

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